Friday, July 23, 2010

Video Blog #1

So the video was 12min long and I chopped out the middle talking about previous events, but that info is on here anyway. Also, the phone died at the end so whatever. I'm going to try and do more of these cause since I'm driving a lot, its easy to set the phone up on the dash and talk away. One last thing, some of the audio got cut out... idk what I did but again... whatever. I guess there is a steep learning curve for Windows movie maker haha.

Enjoy... or don't.

Monday, July 5, 2010

MDU Round 3- Speedrome Bro!

I'm too tired. 2 day's of drifting in the hot sun takes a toll on the body for sure.

The Z felt great on the track. I started having an issue with vapor lock and my 7th injector maybe stying open. When I shut the car off, it wouldn't restart because it had too much fuel. Luckly, I got it started and kept it running after qualification for the tandem rounds.

I qualified 2nd just behind Chicago's own Crazy Kris H.

My first tandem round I lead. I feel like I was doing well, but going into the final 2 corners I had a bit too much speed and had to scrub to keep from spinning, then powered up to finish the run.

Following, I was doing well. I was staying near the lead car when he put out some crazy angle. It phased me and I thought he was going to spin so I put mine out as far as I could to scrub speed but just went a hair too far and dead spun giving him the win.

Qualified 2nd
Finished 7th

Gateway will be round 4 and I can not wait. Last year Gateway was my first event and the Z was stock. It got me 8th place qualifier but I didn't have enough power, no handbrake, and honestly not enough experience to do any better. I hope this is no the case this time around. Z should do very well here.