Sunday, July 12, 2009

"Your in a Z. That wall will move."

H.I.N Nightshift was yesterday. I was hoping to qualify to get to the Formula D pro-am to attempt for my FD license, but unfortunatly druing practice I tagged the wall and broke some suspension parts.

Before that, I had been running super close to the wall. I even spun once and stopped so close that a staff member reached out and I gave him 5.

The track was so-so. I would get into 3rd before the initiation point, swing back to the right along the wall clipping point, follow it around to a decreasing radius where I needed 2nd, swing it back to the left along the straight section where I needed 3rd to carry to the finaly clipping point into the finish.

I was trying a few different things, 2nd gear full, 3rd gear full, 3rd to 2nd... but untimatly I needed 3rd, 2nd, 3rd and I didn't get a chance to try and find my 2nd shift point from 3rd to 2nd.

So the car needs a spindle-knuckle (defined by Nissan) and a rear lower control arm. The body work on the rear quarter got dinged, but its not really bad at all.

So my mother has been talking to me about maybe getting a different car for drifting, but IDK. There really are only 3 cars I can think of that I would want to drive other than the Z:

1. 240sx (s13 or s14)- Cheap, easy to drift. Feel sloppy with old bushings. Parts are easy to find, but everyone has them and I'm kinda sick of owning them.

2. AE86 (hatch)- Cheap to buy. Harder to find parts. Again, feels sloppy with old ass bushing. Not a whole lot of people use them, but they are underpowered. An engine swap could fix that. Look awesome with aero on 16" meshies.

3. RX-7 (FC3S)- Sorta cheap to buy depending on condition and trim level. Fairly easy to find parts. Once more, its old so bushings are shot. There are slightly more people driving these compared to the corolla. The rotary motor is shit so a swap would be in order. 350 chevy motor goes in pretty easy and swap kits are everywhere. They look sick as shit slammed with aero.

So thats where I'm kinda sitting. I'm thinking that the Z is gonna do for a while longer, but I'm not ruling out the idea of selling and moving to a different, cheaper chassis for a drift only car and buy a daily driver subaru wagon or something.