Thursday, September 9, 2010

New blog and website

Yo, check this shit.

This blog will self destruct in t-minus ************

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cool video bro!

Thanks to R. Harrison for this radtastic video.

Monday, August 30, 2010

MDU Round 4: Gateway International

Run down of the day.

Showed up at the track around 7. Got teched and straight to drivers meeting.

During the meeting Edgar asked who wanted to test the course. Nobody responded so I said I would.

Did a run that was eh... but realized that the track was way faster than I remembered from last year.

First run group. Kinda sucked mostly, but using 3rd gear managed to link the whole track a couple times. That straight section is tough. Kept getting too much angle in the first corner killing my speed to make the straight.

Second run group. Did 2 runs with some bigger grippier tires and they weren't working for me. Basically thats about it.

Third run group was for tandem. I started using 4th gear and realized the Z LOVED it! The starter had me leading cause I was faster than everyone else out there which kinda sucked for me. But after 4 or 5 runs he held up Bill Cook and what happened then was insane!

He leads first. We get to the first corner with me about a car behind. Initiate, transistion to the 2nd corner and he got a bit too much angle which caused me to get all on his ass. I threw out more angle to match, but that slowed me too much for the straight. I maned up and transistioned really wide dropping 3 tires in the grass.

I wasn't going to let that stop me. I got out of the grass with him still in my sights. Hit the sweeper and started gaining.

I ended up finishing the last corner with my rear bumper nearly touching his door. It was amazing. Fastest most retarted tandem I've ever had. Too bad it wasn't comp.

So qualifying started. My first initiation I knew the run was garbage. I went into my second run thinking, "I already got a good run down. Now go big"... I kept thinking that till I took off even though it was a complete lie. I definatly had a 0 for my first run.

So second run I just go for it. 4th gear and didn't lift till the sweeper. Apparently the judges and spectators went crazy. I don't have any idea what T2 Mike did to beat my qualifying run, but I ended up with 2nd place.

So tandem starts. My first round is with Kris Hackenson ( His lead and he pulls off the start and keeps his lead through the run. Nothing to report except my desire to do the same to him.

My lead and he's right on my ass in the first initiation. After that, I just pulled on him. Didn't lift at all. Got to the sweeper and I looked back to see where he was, looked forward and realized decreasing radius had just started and I was running way outside since I hadn't lifted. Hit the grass and went way off into a tire barrier ending my day. The car is beat up, but otherwise perfectly fine.

So I end the season. 3 out of 4 events with 36 points. I finish MDU 2010 with 4th place and I've got my invite to goto Formula D Pro-am 2010!

Next up... FD Pro-am!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Forever young

I'm horrible at updating.

I thought maybe doing video's while driving would do it... but then I don't upload them and stuff.

I guess I just have to do a better job of reminding myself.

Anyhow, Z has Tie rods finally. Why didn't I do them before? The angle is fantastic!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Video Blog #1

So the video was 12min long and I chopped out the middle talking about previous events, but that info is on here anyway. Also, the phone died at the end so whatever. I'm going to try and do more of these cause since I'm driving a lot, its easy to set the phone up on the dash and talk away. One last thing, some of the audio got cut out... idk what I did but again... whatever. I guess there is a steep learning curve for Windows movie maker haha.

Enjoy... or don't.

Monday, July 5, 2010

MDU Round 3- Speedrome Bro!

I'm too tired. 2 day's of drifting in the hot sun takes a toll on the body for sure.

The Z felt great on the track. I started having an issue with vapor lock and my 7th injector maybe stying open. When I shut the car off, it wouldn't restart because it had too much fuel. Luckly, I got it started and kept it running after qualification for the tandem rounds.

I qualified 2nd just behind Chicago's own Crazy Kris H.

My first tandem round I lead. I feel like I was doing well, but going into the final 2 corners I had a bit too much speed and had to scrub to keep from spinning, then powered up to finish the run.

Following, I was doing well. I was staying near the lead car when he put out some crazy angle. It phased me and I thought he was going to spin so I put mine out as far as I could to scrub speed but just went a hair too far and dead spun giving him the win.

Qualified 2nd
Finished 7th

Gateway will be round 4 and I can not wait. Last year Gateway was my first event and the Z was stock. It got me 8th place qualifier but I didn't have enough power, no handbrake, and honestly not enough experience to do any better. I hope this is no the case this time around. Z should do very well here.

Monday, May 10, 2010

MDU Round 2- Oriley Raceway Park

Huge thanks to THM and ProjectX for all the support.

I qualified 3rd with a 29/30 and there was a 2 way tie for 1st with 30/30

First Tandem round was all me.

Second tandem I had the advantage after leading Austin Barron. When following, I was faster then him and got too close and had to correct which leaded to one more time.

I lead again and had the advantage after he spun. When following, I tried to give more room, but I made a mistake and spun. One more time again.

At this point, my tires were getting greasy. They asked if I needed tires, but I had no other tires to use so I had to deal with it. First run Austin had the advantage. After trying to do some crazy shit and even using his car as my clipping point getting way inside of him and nearly passing him, he took the win.

Immediatly following those 3 consecutive rounds, I had to drive for 3rd/4th. The tires were still too hot and driving against Bill Cook who was one of the 1st place qualifiers. He had the advantage in the first run with me following and I slowed way down in my lead run trying not to spin. He took the win.

I was a great event! The ProjectX/THMotorsports Z was great all day. Now I need more tires.

Thanks to Johnny C. for the photos.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I bought a S14 2 weeks ago and decided to make it a street/daily driver. Well, the Z is at Project X and I got roped into going to Midwest Drift Union's first event.

I spent all week installing coilovers, handbrake, welding the diff, wheels, brakes, maintence, etc. just to have the diff explode in Ohio.

Car got towed to Indy and is chillin with the MDU guys. I'm going Friday to pick it up and see the damage. I'm going to take lots of photos of it to see where I fucked up.

I wish I had the Z.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Some assembly required...

So for helping Project X paint some 350z headlights, I was given a set of 2006 headlights. This is great cause at ClubFR private day I managed to break the front knuckle again and the wheel contacted the headlight and now my HID doesn't work. So for the past few months I've been driving with my brights on cause I couldn't afford to buy a new one.

Too bad the headlights I got needed to be put together and are actually missing a trim piece. So I'm still driving with the brights on, but it'll be cool... one day.

The season is just around the corner and my turbo kit is still in the shop sitting in a box covered in dust. My CJ Motorsports fuel return system just came in and now I have to order a UpREV in the next week or two. Hopefully I can convince THMotorsports to get a deal with them so I can get a better price than $700. But its something that has to be done.

I'm also looking into getting new aero and painting the car. Then hopefully a set of wheels if cash funds are there.

I hope this season is 10x cooler than last.

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Memories of the MKIII kind
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