Monday, May 10, 2010

MDU Round 2- Oriley Raceway Park

Huge thanks to THM and ProjectX for all the support.

I qualified 3rd with a 29/30 and there was a 2 way tie for 1st with 30/30

First Tandem round was all me.

Second tandem I had the advantage after leading Austin Barron. When following, I was faster then him and got too close and had to correct which leaded to one more time.

I lead again and had the advantage after he spun. When following, I tried to give more room, but I made a mistake and spun. One more time again.

At this point, my tires were getting greasy. They asked if I needed tires, but I had no other tires to use so I had to deal with it. First run Austin had the advantage. After trying to do some crazy shit and even using his car as my clipping point getting way inside of him and nearly passing him, he took the win.

Immediatly following those 3 consecutive rounds, I had to drive for 3rd/4th. The tires were still too hot and driving against Bill Cook who was one of the 1st place qualifiers. He had the advantage in the first run with me following and I slowed way down in my lead run trying not to spin. He took the win.

I was a great event! The ProjectX/THMotorsports Z was great all day. Now I need more tires.

Thanks to Johnny C. for the photos.