Sunday, December 20, 2009

... winter

Yea, winter sucks, but whatever.

Project X moved into the new shop finally.

I got a giant wing on the Z.

THMotorsports decided they wanted to sponsor me. Thats dope.

Ginash from JDM Chicago is working with a good friend of his at to get me some sweet aero. I know the name is funky, but urathane ings replica would be sweet so long the price is right.

I've been removing a turbonetics turbo kit from my friends g35 sedan. This will be the new power adder the Z needs to be competitive next season.

I'm hoping steering kit will end up on the car before the first event. This will make my life so much more fun.

Z is sitting under a bunch of snow out in the parking lot of my apartment complex. It's quite sad. I haven't seen the lip or sideskirts in a long time. The wing cannot be hidden however.

Thats pretty much it. Workin and trying to save money to hit 2010 hard. My mind is going nuts so I hope it gets here soon.