Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Chicago drive

Cory and I changed the diff in his girlfriends coupe last night from open to a Z32 VLSD. Afterwards, we drove around Rockford for a bit when Cory asked if I wanted to go to Chicago. Sure, why not.

We get out to the city at around midnight and just cruise around. We stopped at a few locations to shoot some pictures. (visit my picturepush under the folder "Cars")

Cruising through Lower Wacker Dr. we got into a bit of a race with a VW Corrado. The SR20DET powered 240 coupe had no problem leaving him behind.

After finally finding our way out of Wacker Dr. we ended up at Navy Peir with a white SRT-4 behind us. After dinking around back and forth we jumped onto 90W to go home with the Neon in follow. After clearing a curve the Neon put it down. Cory being slightly late to do the same ended up pulling away with ease. We got a big thumbs up as the Neon sped off into the night.

On the trip back I ended up falling asleep. Flying through Chicago jammin out to some Turbo Negro I faintly hear a voice...


"Wake UP!!"

I slip out of my sleep while Cory is screaming at me.

"Dude! A deer just Fucking hit us!"

"What?... *ugh* are you talking about? Like now...?"

"Yea bro, this fucking deer just ran into the side of Jenny's car."

This is all I really remember but that's pretty much the story. When we got back to Rockford we pulled over and checked the damage. For how serious it sounded there was only 2 really small dings in the rear quarter and some hair stuck in the taillight as a memento. Really not bad for a 800lbs. object slamming into the side of your car at 70mph.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Text the masses

I went to Chicago after work yesterday and got my new camera lens. It's a Sigma 70-300mm macro lens. The thing works amazing!

After getting home I received a text from Paul saying there was going to be a gathering of cars downtown near Soldier field at 10pm. Before I went, I helped Cory throw a transmission into his g/f car (S13 Coupe). That shit went pretty easy so I left his place around 8:30pm. and headed out.

I got to the Planetarium around 10pm. and there was a concert going on at the docks, so the meeting place changed. I didn't know where I was going, but I stumbled to a location across the street that I remembered from a 240 meet a few weeks prior and recognized it from photos. So I pulled in there and about 15min. later some cars started showing up.

So were hanging out with like 20 or more cars when all of a sudden everyone started going to their cars. I had no idea what was going on, but I figured I better go with. So after a short cruise through the city we pull into a grocery store parking lot. We went down the parking garage and into the shipping/receiving area where there were probably at least 50 cars already there.

We hung out for a while then about 30 of us decided to go to White Castle. After a fairly scary (and FAST!) drive down the highway, we get there and chill for a while longer. Around 2am. or so everyone started to leave so I got in my car and took the 1.5 hour drive back to Rockford. It was totally worth it though. I can't wait for the next one.

Luckily I got my new lens and I got a chance to use it. Here is what I got:

The rest of the photos can be viewed from my picturepush account on the right side of the screen.