Friday, April 24, 2009


So on Saturday at Gateway while running my qualifying laps they had me hot lapping giving the car very little time to cool off before my next run.  I believe that the car got too hot and the thermostat took a shit.

So yesterday Cory gets the hookup for an oem thermostat from the dealer.  I get back to his house and I start tearing the car apart.  Get the old thermostat out and throw it in some boiling water and it does nothing.

Change out the thermostat, refill coolant, and 3 hours of bleeding the air out of the system its finally good to go.

I was trying to use the webcam on my computer to record a typical late night work session at Cory's, but my computer shut off halfway through and to be honest, I just finished watching it and there is a lot of dead time that I don't feel like cutting out right now and the file is too large to post on here.  Whatever.  I do have a photo of my handy paintwork on the engine cover.

It's weird because the paint I used was fluorescent pink then I put clear on, but I must have done that too soon cause it turned the paint reddish and added all the white.  I dig it though.

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